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Game Map

Earth has been destroyed. Mankind is fractured. The galaxy is at war. But one hope remains: a new home for mankind. Probes detected a habitable planet in the Orion sector. You must fight your way to it, but nothing is as it seems. A more devious plan is underway that threatens the entire galaxy.

Since the destruction of Earth, not a single habitable planet has been found. Millions of long range probes have been sent out to find a suitable home for mankind. For now, man lives in spacecraft and orbital modules around uninhabitable planets. Over centuries of expansion, factions and galactic corporations have laid claim to the galaxy. When a habitable planet was discovered, the galaxy erupted in war.

Suddenly, you wake up after hundreds of years in stasis. A mysterious AI created by the Terranovus Initiative delivers your mission, and you embark on an epic conquest across the galaxy. Collect advanced technology, grow your empire, conquer foes in massive battles, ally with powerful rivals, and discover the ultimate weapon that threatens every system in the galaxy.

Battle for Orion 2 is available on Steam! Purchase it here.

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Game Map

Your missions take place among clusters of stars. Each map has multiple star systems connected by star lanes, which allow your ships to travel to other star systems. Sector maps range in size and can contain up to 100 star systems to explore and conquer. The map and gameplay are seamless, allowing you to control your entire empire at a macro or micro level – it’s up to you!
Game Map

Game Map

Star Lanes

Star lanes connect star systems to allow interstellar travel. They are located on the edges of star systems. When you send your ships to other stars, they will navigate through star lanes to get to their destination. While in the star lanes, your ships are protected from enemy attacks, but they cannot turn around until they exit on the other side.


These are the lifeblood of your empire. Colonization directly onto planets has proven to be too dangerous, so mankind has developed massive planetary modules to house the population and provide economical and military support for your growing empire. There are many different types of planets, and most provide bonuses to attached modules, such as increased metal production and faster construction speeds.
Game Map

Game Map


Metal is the primary resource used in the game to build modules and ships. Refinery modules build and send out harvesters to gather raw ore from nearby asteroids and debris fields. The ore is returned to the refinery, which processes it and adds metal to your resource storage. Asteroids and planetary rings provide an initial supply of metal in the early game. As battles rage on, debris is left over from destroyed ships and modules, which can also be harvested. When all other metal sources are exhausted, harvesters can mine moons at a slower rate.


Construct over a dozen ships to expand and defend your empire. You control the behavior and formation of your ships. Each ship has a distinct role that makes it a vital part of your arsenal. Your ships come in four tiers, ranging from front line fighters to capital ships, which can launch devastating attacks on your foes.
Game Map

Game Map


Build research modules to unlock 15 types of upgrades that allow construction of more advanced modules, boost your economy, and bolster your military power.


Engage in fierce battles with your enemies using large fleets of powerful war ships. Set your ships to be aggressive, defensive, or to hold their ground. Use multiple formations to surround your enemy and gain the upper hand. Deploy shields to protect your ships and disable enemy ships with EMP pulses.
Game Map

Game Map


Destroy all enemy modules in a star system to capture the star. Once you have full control of the system, you can start building modules of your own. Zooming out shows star management icons that allow you to easily manage your entire galactic empire.

Solar Modules

Once modules are upgraded to the highest level, you can build solar modules. These modules are powered by the solar fusion of a star. They offer extremely powerful advantages; such as the solar refinery, which mines at an incredible pace, and the solar turret, which can single handedly defend an entire system against hundreds of attacking ships.
Game Map

Game Map

Singularity Cannon

The singularity cannon fires a shot that explodes into an unstable singularity. The intense gravitational field that is created by the singularity sucks in all ships within the system. After a short time, the singularity explodes and deals massive damage to anything near it.

Mine Fields

Deploy mine fields that can defend choke points or block expansion by the enemy. These mines sit dormant in space until targets are near. They then lock and hone in on their target, dealing significant damage.
Game Map

Game Map

Implode Planetary core

Harness the ultimate weapon and implode planetary cores. Use with caution…

Map Editor

The map editor allows you a huge amount of customization to create the ultimate mission to share with your friends and other players. You have the ability to place stars, star lanes, planets, modules, units, asteroids, moons, debris, and more. Adjust multiple settings to control AI behavior. There’s also an event editor to create scripted events in your very own missions.
Game Map


  • Galactic domination meets real time strategy
  • Battle through 24 story missions that will challenge and engage you
  • Conquer star systems to expand your empire and control of the galaxy
  • Construct orbital modules around planets to improve your economy, military, and research
  • Mine asteroids, space debris, and moons for resources
  • Build over a dozen unique ships including capitol ships with advanced abilities
  • Collect powerful technology to strengthen your fleet, economy, and defenses
  • Build massive superweapons powered by stars
  • Randomly generate endless maps with the Battle Simulator
  • Create your own galaxy and publish maps for other players to enjoy with the built in Map Editor